"The roots of the present lie deep in the past, and nothing in the past is dead
to man who could learn how this present comes to be what it is."

Dr. Thomas Marion Davis, M.D. - Founding Board Member

In August 1971 the 20 acre tract on Old Georgetown Road was purchased with the simple goal of starting a private school to meet the needs of families in the area.  That 20 acre tract of land, along with the dedication of the founding members and families, became Laurence Manning Academy, founded under the Manning Educational Association.  This year we celebrate our past and our present, as we look towards the future.

Groundbreaking - March 1972


The first spade of dirt was turned by board members in March 1972.  

Board Members:

David Goldsmith (Chairman)

Joe Rogers

LeRoy Epps

Dr. Marion Davis

Harold Furse

Will Harvin

Burgess Sprott

LeRoy Phillips

Samuel DuRant


Founding Faculty Members

Headmaster: Mr. Q. Curtis Lee

Mrs. Barbara Jean Poe

Mrs. Nell Sprott

Mrs. Rena Nelson

Mrs. Martha Lee Rose

Mrs. Cecelia Eadon

Mrs. Ann Goldsmith

Mrs. Kay Davis

Mrs. Barbara Mishoe

Mr. Wayne Griffin

Mrs. Kathleen Rogers

Mrs. Peggy Gardner

Mrs. Jane Wilson 

Mrs. Charlotte Lee

Secretary:  Mrs. Jennie DuRant

Registration for the newly formed school began in December of 1971. 

The projected opening date was set for August 1972.

The registration fee was $35 and each family was required to purchase a $300 building fund certificate. 

Tuition was $400 for the first child and $375 for the second child.  

The school opened on September 3, 1972 with 250 students enrolled.