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Welcome to Laurence Manning Academy,

I am so blessed to have the honor and privilege of serving and worshiping with our extraordinary family of administrators, faculty, students, and alumni who are genuinely invested in one another and in their shared commitment to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. 


Laurence Manning Academy is firmly committed to the development of our students through challenging academic programs, dynamic student activities and enrichment programs, fine arts programs, student-athletic programs, and service programs.  

We are proud to serve families in Clarendon County, Sumter County, and surrounding areas.

To learn more about the Laurence Manning experience, please contact us for a personal visit and tour.

May God bless you and keep you,


Mr. Tripp Boykin


Our Philosophy

Laurence Manning Academy was founded in 1972 on the commitment to providing students in grades K3 through 12 with a high quality education within a safe, friendly, and morally rich Christian environment.  Now, fifty years later, Laurence Manning Academy continues to prepare our students to successfully work, lead, live, worship, and play in the ever-changing landscape of the new millennium.

Laurence Manning’s family of dedicated and energetic faculty, staff, and administrators offers a learning environment that promotes student growth at all levels of instruction.  Students receive a quality education, as well as a personal experience that enables the development of the whole person.  


Laurence Manning encourages its students to not only set academic goals for themselves, but also to evaluate and motivate themselves in all areas of their school activities and faith.    Students are held accountable for their work and conduct, thereby developing a sense of responsibility and commitment to successfully completing their goals.

Student participation in our athletic and extra-curricular programs is the perfect complement to their academic experience.  Students are encouraged to take an active role in their choice of clubs, service organizations, arts programs, and athletics offered at Laurence Manning Academy. 

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