SECTION I.NAME: The name of this organization shall be Laurence Manning Academy Parent Advisory Team (PAT).

SECTION II.PURPOSE: The purpose of the organization shall be to strive to promote cooperation, understanding and unity of spirit among parents, faculty and administration by sponsoring programs, events and services which benefit the students of the school.

SECTION III.MEMBERSHIP: The membership of this organization shall consist of all parents of students at LMA and all members of the faculty of LMA.

SECTION IV.DUES: Dues will be collected in the amounts and in the manner as set forth by the Executive Council. Funds collected by the PAT shall be expended only with mutual consent of the Executive Council for the PAT and the Board of Directors of Laurence Manning Academy.

SECTION V.EXECUTIVE COUNCIL: The affairs of the PAT will be managed and governed by the Executive Council. The Executive Council shall be composed of fourteen (14) members: twelve (12) parents, to be selected by the parent members of the PAT, and two (2) faculty representatives to be chosen, one each, by the lower and upper campus faculties, respectively. A parent member on the

Executive Council shall serve a two (2) year term after the initial election terms described below. A faculty member shall serve a one (1) year term on the Executive Council. Of the twelve (12) parent members of the Executive Council, and six (6) members at the time of their election each shall have a child at the lower campus, and six (6) parent members at the time of their elections shall have a child in school at the upper campus. A parent may be selected as a representative of one campus even though he/she has a child at the other campus.

It shall be the duty of the Executive Council to mange and govern the affairs of the PAT. The council may invite to its meetings such members of the Board of Directors of Laurence Manning Academy as it deems advisable.

SECTION VI.OFFICERS: There shall be a President, President Elect/Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Executive Council. All officers shall serve for a period of one (1) year and the President Elect/Vice President may at the end of his term be selected as President. The President Elect shall be selected from the council members having two (2) year terms to serve at the time of elections. Officers shall be elected at the first meeting held after the elections of new members to council.


1. Initial Nominations and Elections of Parent Representatives

   The initial Executive Council shall be nominated and elected as follows: A nominating committee composed of present officers of PAT shall nominate no less than two (2) parents for each Executive Council position. Six (6) of the initial positions on the Executive Council shall carry a term of one (1) year. Three (3) of these parent members shall be selected from parents of the lower school , as above noted, and three (3) parent members shall be selected from parents of upper school children. The remaining six (6) positions on the Executive Council shall carry a term of two (2) years and shall be selected as follows: three (3) positions from parents of upper school children and three (3) positions from the parents of lower school children. After the nominations, as above directed, elections shall be held by written ballot to parent members of PAT.

2. Nominating and Elections of Council Members after Initial Election

   The following procedure shall be utilized to nominate Executive Council members after the election of the initial council: A nominating committee from the lower school, composed of six (6) lower school members of Executive Council and the faculty representative, and a nominating committee from the upper school, similarly composed, shall meet in March of each year to make nominations for each position on the Executive Council. At least two (2) persons shall be nominated for the position by the nominating committee. Persons so nominated shall meet the requirements of being parents of children in either the lower or upper school, respectively, at the time of their nomination. Each parent so nominated shall be nominated for a two (2) year term on the Executive Council. All terms of parent Executive Council members shall begin June 1st during the year of election. If a position on the Executive Council becomes vacant after election, the Executive Council shall elect, by majority vote, a parent of a child from the appropriate campus to fill the unexpired term.

3. Nominating and Election of Faculty Representatives

The Faculty representative of each campus shall be selected in the manner prescribed by the faculty of that campus.


1.Committees:  The Executive Council shall have such committees as the Executive Council deems necessary and advisable, and such committees shall be appointed by the President.  The following committees are suggested:

A.Fall Fundraiser

B.Spring Fundraiser

C.May Day – Entertainment and May Queen Court

2.Meetings:  Executive Council shall meet at least once during the summer of each year, and once during every nine (9) week period of the school year.  A meeting of the entire membership of PAT shall be held at least twice during the school year.


These by-laws may be amended by approval of said amendment by a majority of Executive Council and a majority of voting parent members of PAT after written notice and ratification by Board of Directors of Laurence Manning Academy.

The Laurence Manning Academy  school  shield  is  a

symbol  rich  in  tradition  and  meaning.   The  orange

field with the blue band symbolizes the  school  colors

of   Laurence  Manning.   The  three  fleur de lis  are

representative  of  the  virtues  of  integrity,  character,

and discipline.   The  arrows  on  the  shield  represent

truth   with   the  three   spheres   above   each   arrow

symbolizing  the balance of academics, athletics,  and


Laurence Manning Academy admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, athletics and other school administered programs.

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