Please be advised that in the event of severe weather, Laurence Manning Academy will be contacting students and families by way of our school website, school sponsored social media, and our SchoolMessenger system.   We will also use the following television and radio stations to communicate possible school delays or closings.  These stations are: WIS TV Channel 10, WLTX TV Channel 19, Radio Station 94.7 FM and Radio Station 106.7 FM.  These media outlets will be contacted no later than 6:00am on the date of possible severe weather.  As a parent, if you feel that weather conditions warrant that your child not come to school, then please feel free to keep your child at home!  The safety of all of our Laurence Manning students comes first when making decisions based upon severe weather conditions. 


Laurence Manning Academy acknowledges the right that all citizens are protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.  With these protections also come restrictions based on the academy’s policies in regards to both student behavior and school electronic media security.  Student electronic posts to website blogs and chat rooms that are open to the public domain, as well as accessing social networking sites (including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter), will fall under the guidelines of school policy in regards to student discipline.

The following guidelines apply to posting electronic messages in the public domain for Laurence Manning Academy students.  Violations of the listed restrictions may result in disciplinary actions taken by the academy up to expulsion.  In accordance with the Safe Schools Act (2006), students that make threatening remarks through electronic media devices will be turned in to the Clarendon County Sheriff’s Department for possible prosecution.

Student guidelines for multi-media usage: 

1.  Threats or demeaning communications about other students.

2.  Threats or demeaning communications about faculty members.

3.  Disparaging remarks about the school, administration, or faculty


4.  Personal descriptive photos or communications related to school personnel or


5.  Student communication with faculty members.

6.  Intentional disruption or sabotage of school electronic media.

7.  Downloading and/or installation of unapproved programs, spy wear, or


8.  Social networking sites


Any items left in the classrooms, canteen, halls, restrooms, or on the grounds should be turned in to the work room.  If the items are not claimed within 30 days, they will be given to charity.


         Students and parents are reminded that Laurence Manning Academy serves a full service lunch each school day.  For those students who do not wish to purchase lunch through the LMA canteen, the only option is to bring your own lunch with you to school.  Because Laurence Manning is a closed campus, students are not allowed to leave school during the day to eat lunch and return.  Seniors students, with permission from their parents and administrative approve, are the only students allowed to leave the LMA campus for lunch.  Otherwise, students may only leave school during posted lunch times if accompanied by their parent. Students may only be brought lunch by parents or other concerned parties with the expressed permission of the administration.  Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary actions.


Laurence Manning is a member of the Beta Club, the Rufus Reid Honor Society, and the National Honor Society.  In order to be considered for membership in any of these academic clubs, a student must have and maintain a certain average based on semester grades in regards to the club’s bylaws.  The required average must be maintained for continued membership in any of the academic clubs.  Furthermore, any student that is a member of the Beta Club, the Junior Beta Club, or National Honor Society that has been caught breaking the school honor code in reference to cheating will be dismissed from the organization.  Students with multiple major disciplinary actions (2) or any honor code violation in regards to cheating will not be eligible for admission into any academic merit based organization. 


The valedictorian award is given to the senior who has attended Laurence Manning Academy for the entire 10th, 11th, and 12th grade and has the highest class rank ending with the third marking period of the student’s senior year.  The salutatorian award is given to the senior who has attended Laurence Manning

Academy for the entire 10th, 11th, and 12th grades and has the second highest class rank ending with the third marking period of the student’s senior year. Any student that repeats a grade after the 8th grade or has been caught breaking the school honor code in reference to cheating between the 8th grade and 12th grade, may not be eligible for either the valedictorian, salutatorian, Marshal or any other academic merit based award.

Perfect attendance certificates will be given to all students who have been in attendance all day, every day, with no tardies or absences.

Awards will be given to students who are on the Honor Roll or Headmaster’s List every nine weeks grading period.  To be on the Honor Roll, a student must have no grade below 85 in each subject.  To be on the Headmaster’s List, a student must have a 93 or above in each subject.  Semester and yearly academic awards will be issued to students achieving these honors as well.  Yearly Honor Roll and Yearly Headmaster’s List will be determined by the final grades in core courses and will follow the same criteria as the nine weeks grading period.

Other awards for achievement in scholarship, citizenship, and athletics are given each year.


Patrons of Laurence Manning Academy have formed a Booster Club to help support the teams.  Without the Booster Club and the help of all the patrons, L.M.A.  would find it difficult to finance its broad sports program.  The Booster Club provides the financing for all athletic equipment.

The parents of all athletes except midget cheerleaders must join the Booster Club or pay a fifty dollar ($50.00) athletic fee.


1.Grade mothers are chosen in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.

2.They will be in charge of class parties (three per year – Christmas, Valentine, and Easter), and are asked to assist with Halloween Carnival, Sally Foster, May Day, Teacher Appreciation Week and Accelerated Reader.


Laurence Manning Offers varsity, junior varsity, and midget football, boys and girls varsity and junior varsity basketball, varsity and junior varsity baseball, girls volleyball, softball, and boys and girls tennis to all eligible students.  In order to participate in athletics at L.M.A., a family must join the Booster Club or pay a fifty dollar athletic fee.  Cheerleading is considered a part of the athletic program.  Midget cheerleaders are exempt from this requirement.



The independent Schools Athletic Association has passed the following eligibility rules:

A student must be in grade 7 or above to play varsity sports, unless mutually agreed upon by the participants.

A student must take and pass at least 4 one-credit core subjects, or five total credits or their equivalent, each marking period.  If a student does not meet this standard, he/she will not be eligible during the next six week marking period.  He/she may be reinstated for the following grading period by meeting the above requirements.  At the end of the school year, a student must pass 4 one-credit core subjects, or five credits or their equivalent, for the year, to be eligible during the first marking period of the next school year.

Laurence Manning follows all rules established by the South Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association as presented in the Blue Book.  A copy of the Blue Book is available in the Headmaster’s office.


The following policy applies to any athlete at Laurence Manning Academy:

1.No student/athlete is allowed to drive to or from an athletic event.

2.All athletes are required to ride with the team to all athletic events.

3.Varsity athletes can drive to Laurence Manning or to a designated location (Goody’s) to meet the team and to ride with the team to the game site.  They will also return with the team.

4.Junior Varsity athletes can travel from an athletic event with their parent(s) if a release form is signed.  No phone calls or notes will be accepted.

5.In the event of games in the Sumter area, players from the area will meet the team in the parking lot of Goody’s on Broad Street.  Following the game, varsity players will travel with the team to this location.


The gymnasium is for the use of students, school organizations, and other outside organizations during specified hours.  The gym is not to be used except as authorized.  Students using the gym after hours must get permission.  If an approved adult is not present, students should assume that the gym is not open for use.

Outside organizations must pay a rental fee for the use of Laurence Manning facilities.


Cheerleaders are an important party of our athletic program; therefore, we consider cheerleaders to be an extension of our athletic endeavors and, as such, they must meet the same eligibility requirements as other athletes.

All girls in the fifth, sixth and seventh grades are encouraged to be a part of the midget cheerleading squad.  All girls in the eight and ninth grades can try out for the junior varsity cheerleading squad.  All girls in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades may try out for the varsity cheerleading squad.  Please note that in some years, depending on numbers, the administration may choose to allow seventh graders to try-out for Junior Varsity.

The cheerleaders will sign up and try-outs will be held in April or May.

Cheerleaders are responsible for their uniforms.

A more detailed list of rules and regulations will be provided for each cheerleader by the school sponsor.  Varsity and junior varsity cheerleaders will be under the direct supervision of a school sponsor.  The midget cheerleaders will be under the supervision of the parents.

Junior Class Fundraising and Disbursement Policy

Classes throughout the school will conduct fundraisers to support the academic and extra-curricular activities that they may participate in as a class during their time at Laurence Manning Academy.  Examples of these activities include: Class Trips, Miss LMA Pageant and the Junior-Senior Prom.  These fundraisers will include but not be limited to school break sales, t-shirt sales, food sales, concessions and any PAT related project sales that are approved by the Laurence Manning Academy Board of Directors.

After all of the financial obligations related to the class’ last major project (Junior-Senior Prom) have been taken care of, 100% of all remaining funds will be given back to the school as a class gift. This disbursement includes any additional monies raised specifically for the Junior Class extending into the class’s senior year. 

Only funds raised specifically for the class’s senior trip will be disbursed to the class members that qualify for such monetary distributions.  Qualifications for the disbursement of senior class trip monies are as follows:

Criteria for Disbursement:

A.  Funds that are raised as a total class project will be distributed equally to ALL students registered      and starting on the first day of school during the class’s senior year.

B.  Funds raised by individual sales, specifically for the senior class trip, will be

     disbursed only to the class member responsible for the sales.


All funds for the operation of Laurence Manning Academy come from tuition, contributions, and fund raising activities.  We operate on a monthly basis; therefore, it is imperative that fees be paid promptly.  A student whose fees are not paid will be subject to suspension until those fees are paid.  Bills are paid in the following manner:

1.Tuition is to be paid for 12 months on or before the 1st day of each month, beginning June 1st.

2.Tuition fees are made payable to Laurence Manning Academy.

a)A late charge of 1.5% of the outstanding balance will be charged to all accounts not paid by the tenth of the month.

b)Should a person become delinquent on his fees, it will be necessary for that individual to meet with the finance committee on the third Monday in the month at 6:30 P.M. to make arrangements to make payments.

c)A twenty- five dollar fee will be charged for returned checks.

3.Student report cards will be held and parent/student access to online reporting will be suspended each grading period when tuition is delinquent.

4.All payments are made payable to Laurence Manning Academy.

5.Please bring or mail all of the above payments to Laurence Manning Academy, P.O. Box 278, Manning, SC 29102.

Tuition alone will not pay all of the school’s operation costs; therefore, throughout the year, several fund raising activities will be held.  All parents and students are urged to participate fully in order to make these events successful.

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